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Some customers will enjoy a romantic tour, others a family oriented vacation. When picking the best cruise lines for 2016, one must give some weight to the purpose of the trip. Disney Cruise Lines are a great family fun tour company. Their Disney themed trips can be just the right thing for a family with young children. With so much to do and so much make-believe, the kids and parents will make some memories. The best value might be Royal Caribbean International with a fleet of up to date ships offering several sizes of ships for the journey. Crystal Cruises offer a romantic getaway aimed at couples. The elegant dining and nightlife style promote togetherness. If touring the Mediterranean is the ideal thing, the Regent Seven Seas may be the best ticket for Greece and the beautiful blue waters and the Ancient civilizations. Azamara cruise lines score highly for luxury accommodations and first class customer services.

Luxury Cruise Deals

Luxury cruise deals can be rich in value. They can add many onboard and on tour services for free to make the experience more enjoyable. There are alternatives to the large luxury cruise liners. One can choose to take smaller ships and reach locations that are open to them. Some themed tours allow tourist to enjoy two experiences such as the art of a famous master like Gaugin and the tropical splendors the insured his amazing works. The Yacht experience is a great way to tour French Polynesia, Oceana and Tahiti and the Society Islands. Adventures await for pearl diving and local cuisine plucked fresh from the sea.