cruise destination

The Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, Europe- Greece and Spain are among the top cruise ship destinations. Greece and the Mediterranean is another popular and fabulous choice. Alaska is magnificent and impressive, with tall mountains, rushing rivers, enormous coastal areas, and unique sights and wildlife. Alaska has a mix of modern and pristine that is unmatched. Mexico has its version of the Gold Coast with leading resort areas like Cozumel. One can explore remains of great Indian civilizations and sample Mexican cuisine and culture.

Caribbean Cultural Diversity

Selecting among the most popular destinations is a matter of personal tastes but the Caribbean has something seemingly for every taste. There are small, seaside cities. They have brightly painted houses, exotic foods, and shopping. There are tropical Islands like Aruba and Curacao. Belize City has the history of New World discovery and a fabulous Spanish influenced culture. Jamaica is the unique Little Rock of the Caribbean with style, music, food, and a language all its own.