It can be a challenge to decide which company to use for your cable and internet. Bundling is definitely a way to save. Different companies bundle in different ways. Below you will find a few companies as well as information on bundling cable and internet. Keep in mind these are only a few options and the most popular ones.

Bundles for internet and cable start at $51.99 and range up to $144.99. The amount or type of channels you desire will greatly affect your pricing. You have many options to choose from. This price does not include, taxes, upgrades or other fees including installation. Their website is very informational if you should have any additional questions.
Direct has a 4.6 rating on a scale of 1-5. Most customers are happy with their services and are not likely to shop around.

Dish Network
With Dish Network, you must start with your core package. The core packages start at $49.99 and include 190+ channels. The mid-range package is $15 more a month and includes 240+ channels and the top package is $25 more a month and includes 290+ channels. All packages are contracted for 36 months and come with one year of free Netflix.
After you choose your package you can then bundle your internet. There are a variety of options for your internet based on location, speed and limitation on data. This will also determine cost towards your bundle. By bundling with Dish you save an average of $10 per month. The internet is priced at $39.99 for the lowest option with a package (regularly $49.99 without a package) and the highest option with a package is priced at $69.99 a month ($79.99 without a package).
With this company, you are looking at a total monthly cost of $89.98 at the lowest or $144.98 at the highest. This cost do not include taxes, and other fees including installation.
Dish has received a 4.3 on a rating scale of 1-5. Most customers are happy with their service and desire to be a repeat customer.

Charter Spectrum
Charter only offers 1 bundle option for internet and cable. The total for their package is $89.99 a month. This includes 125+ channels with internet speeds starting at 60 Mbps along with many other features. This fee does not include tax or other fees including installation. The contract with Charter is for only a 12 month period.
A plus to this company is they will buy you out of a contract with another company. Restrictions do apply. You must call for details.
Charter has a rating of 3.5 on a scale of 1-5. Charter has great reviews for service and also billing. However, their customer service seems to be their downfall. Customers do not seem to be happy with the customer service they receive and will seek another company due to this issue alone.