luxury cruise
The shipboard accommodations on top luxury cruises match that of the best hotels. Luxury cruise liners are magnificent and spacious ships that rise far above the surface of the water. With swimming pools, gyms, spas, and a fabulous array of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, the top luxury liners have something for everyone. The cruise ship provides a variety of experience. One can pursue interests, play in casinos, and visit entertainment venues for dancing and live shows. The destination ports of call only add to the celebration as one disembarks at exotic locations from the luxury of a floating grand hotel. Top luxury cruises go to the high demand locations in every region of the world. For example, they would find Cozumel in the Caribbean along with the fabulous islands of the West Indies. They would get tourists close to the magnificent scenes of Alaska including soaring mountains, the great lakes and rivers, and remarkable wildlife. Luxury cruises visit every part of the world and with several sizes and types of boats to choose, one can visit smaller, remote locations like Tahiti and Bora Bora in the Pacific.

Custom Vacation Experience

Take a second language, improve the golf game, or sit by the pool and read the books you’ve missed while busy working, such are the luxurious options available on top luxury liners. They offer sumptuous accommodations both in rooms and common areas, gourmet dining at a range of restaurant choices, and activities to suit nearly every taste and style. One can choose the level of activity, and the ship will provide the rest. Rock climbing walls and scuba lessons for the active, more laid back spa massage and yoga for those inclined to a quiet time. Tours have a global scope. They range from as little as six nights to more than three months. Top luxury tours cover nearly every region. The more popular include Alaska, the Caribbean and South America, Europe and Eastern Europe, many destinations in the Middle East, Pacific and the Far East.

Large, Medium or Small Ships

The top five luxury cruises come in sizes which flavor the experience considerably. The smaller ships hold between 100 to 500 passengers while the large ships can hold twice that amount. Medium sized craft holds about 600 passengers and large ships well over 1000 passengers. The accommodations do not diminish much with size. Some small ships have large suites and yacht styling. They maintain the high standards for dining and entertainment. Small ships can dock in remote and small facilities. These locations are among the beautiful and exotic tourist destinations.