If you are like most people, you are sick to death from paying high cable TV bills each month. Think about it, if you were to sit down and calculate the amount of money you will waste on cable over the next decade, you’d come up with a number approaching ten to twelve thousand dollars. If you were to put that money away instead of sending it to your cable company, at the end of the decade, you will have saved enough money to purchase a new car or pay for your child to attend their first year of college. With money like that on the table, can you really afford to throw away that much money just to spend a few hours every evening watching television?

Now is the time to do something about that extortionate cable TV bill by installing the foremost, free TV alternative available—Kodi.

Kodi is a heavily modified variation of an app released for the original Xbox known as XMBC. Since it was first released, the program has developed from an unsophisticated media playback system to a full featured TV & movie watching, cable box crushing, media steamroller.

With nearly 5 million installs over the last five years, Kodi is quickly becoming the number one source for free cable TV, news, movies, and sports. In this article, we will demonstrate to you what you are going to need in order to get Kodi up and running on your home entertainment system.

First, you are going to need to head on over to kodi.tv and download a copy of the program that will function with your system. Thankfully, the developers of Kodi have made certain to adapt the core source code to a number of different operating systems and platforms. Regardless of whatever viewing apparatus you will be using, there is a good chance there is already a version of Kodi designed to operate on your system. For those that lack technical savvy – there are even Android-based mini-computers that come pre-installed with Kodi and come ready with multiple plugins that will make your installation process experience an extremely simple and painless operation.

After downloading the Kodi flavor of your choosing, you are going to want to add some 3rd-party extensions to help release the true power of Kodi. Some of our favorites are listed below with a brief explanation of what their intended benefit is.


Anyone that has been using Kodi for a while will likely have Exodus installed to their device. Considered by many to be the best plugin available for Kodi—Exodus adds “Netflix-like” functionality to your installation and instantly provides access to thousands of TV series and movies.

cCloud TV

A recent addition to the list of “must-have” Kodi plugins, cCloud TV streams hundreds of the top-grade cable TV networks in real-time via the internet to your media player. It features channels such as, The History Channel, Home Box Office, and Comedy Central—just to name a few.

MP3 Streams

One of the features people are most thankful for availability of on their modern cable or satellite system is the power to play music on demand. With this Kodi plugin, you are given the ability to search thousands of artists and millions of songs + listen to them instantly—for free! Who needs to pay for a streaming service with Kodi available?

After having installed the plugins of your choosing, the next and final step is to simply kick back and relax as you begin to explore the wonderful world of free cable TV, movies, and music. Don’t just stop there though—there are hundreds of extra plugins available for Kodi that add heaps of additional features ordinarily found on high-priced televisions and bleeding-edge entertainment systems. A savvy searcher can find plugins that add everything from Tivo-like functionality, games, web-browsers, and other options to convert your media device into a full-featured entertainment powerhouse!